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Join the Royal Hunt Pub Community Group to save the Royal Hunt Pub

Residents and their supporters are invited to help combat rural decline by joining the Royal Hunt Pub Community Group who plan to help make the Royal Hunt into a successful pub and restaurant. We are using legislation to protect the pub from demolition. An Asset of Community Value is a property of importance to a local community, which is subject to additional protection from development under the Localism Act 2011. This website's History page explains why the Royal Hunt Pub has been nominated as an ACV 5 times:

  • May 2015 by Winkfield Parish Council
  • June 2015 by CAMRA
  • October 2017 by CAMRA
  • June 2018 by The Royal Hunt Pub Community Group
  • December 2018 by The Royal Hunt Pub Community Group
Thursday 24th May: Patrick Ruddy Homes submitted their second planning application 18/00552/FUL to demolish the pub.

Wednesday 6th June: RHPCG submitted a new application to nominate the Royal Hunt Pub as an Asset of Community Value. The June ACV Nomination was rejected. Click here to see the letter dated 20 July 2018 from Bracknell Forest Assistant Director of Property.

The second planning application 18/00552/FUL to demolish the pub (submitted Thursday 24th May) was refused on Thursday 13th December 2018. RHPCG have responded in December with a new ACV Nomination, strengthened by a wealth of evidence, including a judgement made in June 2016, after an appeal (by then owners Hawthorn Leisure) against a previous ACV (May 2015). The ACV was upheld and Judge Peter Lane concluded I find that the evidence shows on balance that it is realistic to think that there is a time in the next five years when the Royal Hunt could resume its role as a community pub. Click here to see the judgement. Nothing has changed since that opinion was given by the judge in June 2016, except that the Royal Hunt Pub Community Group has been gathering pledges since January 2018 in order to put themselves in a position to make a bid if the property were to be put on the market under the Act & Regulations Moratorium rules.

If and when Patrick Ruddy Homes decide to put the pub on the market, assuming this December ACV nomination is successful, the Moratorium rules would invoke a 6-week moratorium during which a local interest group (RHPCG) could express an interest in purchasing the pub. There is more informaton about this on this website's What Next Page.

Total Pledged: £233,370.00
Total Members: 95

This money could be made available to fund a freehold purchase. Additional funding can also be raised using a community share issue, grants from the Plunkett Foundation, More than a Pub, Locality and the Heritage Lottery Fund, all of which are actively supporting existing community buy-outs elsewhere in the country.

This website is being used to collect members and pledges that will validate the Community Right to Bid for the purchase of The Royal Hunt Pub. A pledge is not a binding contract, but it indicates your intention to support and maybe invest in the new look Royal Hunt Pub and Restaurant.

This process can take a few years. For example, the Royal Oak at Hail Weston was in a similar situation in 2012. The Hail Weston Community Pub Society was formed. In January 2017 The Royal Oak was bought by a group of eight local villagers. The building has been refurbished and reopened as an independent village pub on May 19th 2017.

Even if you do not want to make a pledge, we still welcome you to join the RHPCG. The more members we have, the better. Housing developers hope that you will get objection fatigue. Please don't let them win. We ask for your patience, your resilience and your continuing support.

The Royal Hunt Pub Community Group will try to purchase the Royal Hunt Pub and convert it into a successful pub and restaurant. When the pub goes up for sale, according to the circumstances, Royal Hunt Pub Community Group members may be invited to purchase shares.