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Decline of Pubs in Bracknell Forest

The above picture shows five pubs in North Ascot. Four pubs have been replaced by housing. The first and last pub in North Ascot is the Royal Hunt Pub, which has been closed since 2015.

I am writing to you about the decline of community assets in Bracknell Forest and the lack of published ACV information. The "Community Right to Bid" is a scheme which gives community groups a fairer chance to prepare and bid to buy community buildings and facilities that are important to them. The Right covers private and public assets. Such assets can be nominated to be placed on the "List of Assets of Community Value (ACV)". When it comes to public houses, it appears that Bracknell Forest Council (BFC) are not fully meeting their obligations and we urge that the Council publishes their complete list of ACVs Registered (past and present) on the BFC website. For example, the following two pubs are missing:

  1. The Rose & Crown, Woodside
  2. The Rose & Crown, Sandhurst
Although the Royal Hunt Pub ACV status was removed, the Royal Hunt Pub is still in the ACV lists on the BFC website. The Rose and Crown, Sandhurst should therefore appear on one of the BFC ACV lists. Despite the successful appeal by Punch Taverns before the First Tier Tribunal in January 2020, The Rose and Crown, Sandhurst was within the last five years successful in its ACV nomination.

The Rose and Crown, Woodside was taken off the ACV Register in November 2019 as the law requires this after an asset has been listed for 5 years. However the law does not require you to delete the history and does not prevent you from making that history available to the general public.

Your published lists show some successful nominations and some unsuccessful nominations. Your published lists are not consistent with the history of the above-mentioned pubs. It would make more sense if all ACV's (past and present, regardless of their current ACV status) should be listed somewhere for the public to see. Bracknell Forest has only recognised ACV's since 2012, so I am sure the list will be small.

Please can you check your records and bring these published lists up to date.