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What's Next

The Royal Hunt is not yet up for sale. We cannot force Patrick Ruddy Homes to sell the property.

If a subsequent ACV Nomination is successful and remains undefeated, The Royal Hunt Pub could then remain on the BFC Register for 6 years. The Royal Hunt Pub Community Group will then try to purchase the pub if the price is right. The bid will be supported by Bracknell Forest Council if the bid is supported by pledges. This website is being used to collect pledges of support.

Assuming the ACV status is regained and retained, when the owners announce that the Royal Hunt Pub is for sale, there will be six weeks in which the "Royal Hunt Pub Community Group" can express an interest in bidding. This will trigger a six-month moratorium period during which the "Royal Hunt Pub Community Group" will have exclusive bidding rights. During this period, the pub cannot be sold to anyone else except in exceptional circumstances. The pledges will validate the Community Right to Bid for the purchase of The Royal Hunt Pub.

During this moratorium period the Royal Hunt Pub Community Group can decide which ownership model to adopt.